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Hazle Drugs Inc. has been dispensing quality medications to customers since 1868.  
    Hazle Drugs was the first drug store in Hazleton- A small mining town in Pennsylvania. Bill Spear Sr. began working as a pharmacist at Hazle Drugs in 1961, and continues to operate the business with his son, Bill Spear Jr., who graduated from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy in 1984.  They continue today the same mission that began in 1868, to provide patients with unmatched pharmaceutical knowledge, integrity, expertise and dependable service.
      In 1868 Hazle Drugs was located at the main business corner of town (Broad and Wyoming St.) and the pharmacy still remains at that same historic location today.
       In the “old days”, Hazle Drugs provided service to all with a complete traditional retail drug store along with a “Soda Fountain” which was the meeting place for many years in this bustling town. 
     Hazleton’s main street, Broad St., was a highway connecting two important rivers in Pennsylvania and served as overland passage of military and commercial shipments between these rivers as well as the overland stage coach which served passengers and mail routes.  Hazle Drugs was an important stage coach stop for medicine, food and lodging while on a long and dusty journey.
     Hazle Drugs Inc. also served the community as the trolley car stop for all surrounding towns.  There was also a shoe shine chair and produce stand attached to the exterior wall of the pharmacy that was popular with the locals.
     Hazle Drugs pharmacists also served the small local hospital with daily prescription services during store hours and on-call service after hours.
     The pharmacy was the pulse of the community in it’s earlier days and serves in much the same way today. Through the past 140 plus years in business, Hazle Drugs has seen years of industry changes, and scientific advancement while continuing  to provide top-notch, cutting edge healthcare to Hazleton, Pa and across the entire United States. 
     In 2002, Hazle Drugs owners, Bill and Bill Spear, Jr. decided to continue advancement by building a new, modern Pharmacy and Natural Health Center.  The Hazleton House/Hazleton Hotel building which was built in 1837 was demolished and new construction began. A new 15,000 sq. feet ultra modern, two story Pharmacy/Natural Health Center was completed in October 2003. 
      This new Pharmacy/Natural Health Center continues to provide the same personalized prescription service to Hazle Drugs customers as it has since 1868. The first floor contains an ultra modern traditional pharmacy and retail area. The pharmacy also has a private consultation room used for confidential menopause consultations, nutritional consultations, diabetes screenings, flu clinics, blood pressure and health screenings etc.
     The Natural Health Center contains a special area for shopping that features:

  • “Hazle Drugs OWN line of Nutraceuticals
  • One of a Kind Unique Nutritional Supplements
  • Homeopathics
  • Herbs and Herbal Remedies
  • Aromatherapy Products
  • Natural Health Foods
  • Natural Skin Care Products
  • Natural Health Care Books
  • The second floor of Hazle Drugs Natural Health Center contains the Hazle Drugs Learning Center which is used for lectures and presentations along with a second floor therapy and consultation room that is utilized for Nutritional Assessments, Massage Therapy, Reiki Therapy etc.

    Meet Our Experienced Staff

    Bill Spear, B.S. R.Ph., CCN obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy in 1984 from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science which is now the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

    Bill, also a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), obtained his post graduate degree from the Clinical Nutrition Board  and is recertified every 5 years by the American Association of Clinical Nutritionists.  He provides private consultations to patients to help promote optimal health and to prevent nutrition related diseases.[more]

    William J. Spear, BS R.Ph
    Bill graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia in 1958 receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy and has been the driving force behind Hazle Drugs Inc. since 1960.

    As an independent community Pharmacist for over 50 years, Bill has been involved in retail pharmacy all of his professional life. He has experienced and gone through many changes in retailing from discount pharmacies to 3rd party programs and most importantly the new technology for retail pharmacy: moving from the typewriter to the computer.[more]

    Lori Ann Gormley, BS R.Ph., CME
    Lori is a licensed registered pharmacist and a staff member of Hazle Drugs Inc. Upon graduation from Tamaqua Area High School, she attended the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science (PCP&S) now known as the University of the Sciences of Philadelphia (USP). She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy in 1996.

    Lori is devoted to providing education and services to women from teenage years to adulthood. She specializes in counseling teenagers regarding the transition from puberty to the regulation of menstrual cycles. She also counsels women regarding fertility issues. Lori’s main goal is to provide proper wellness, nutrition and hormone balance to women of all ages.[more]

    Wendy Murphy, Pharm D
    Wendy joined Hazle Drugs staff in 2008. She received her Doctor of pharmacy degree from Wilkes University in May 2008. Along with her pharmacy experience, Wendy is certified to administer Immunizations and Injectables to adults including Influenza, Pneumoccoccal, Shingles, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Meningococcal, MMR, HPV and Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis vaccines.

    Currently, Wendy is training to become a Certified Respiratory Care Specialist through the National Community Pharmacists Association. Upon completion of her training she will be treating and caring for patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. [more]

    Mark Moran, BS R.Ph.
    Mark Moran, R.Ph, joined Hazle Drugs staff in 2010. Mark graduated in the top 10 of his pharmacy class from the University of Pittsburgh in1999 and was inducted into the Rho Chi Honor Society. He began his career at Hazle Drugs in 1995 working as a student while attending pharmacy school.

    After graduation, Mark lived and worked as a pharmacist in Baltimore, Md. For his outstanding service in the community as a pharmacist, he received acknowledgement from the Baltimore City Council. [more]


    Hazle Drugs Natural Health Center

    Vitamins / herbals / homeopathic remedies

    Nutritional consultations
    Diabetic consultations
    Menopause consultations
    Menopause support group
    Andropause consultations
    Hazle Drugs Learning Center Seminars
    Nutritional seminars
    Physician seminars
    Downs Syndrome Clinic
    Alternative and Complementary Natural Health Therapies
    Reiki healing sessions
    Massage therapy
    Special Events
    Hazle Compounding