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Andropause “Male Menopause” Consultations

While the most media attention is centered on menopause, Men are also affected by changes in their body chemistry and hormones. Combined with the effects of non-managed aging and stress, Men are vulnerable to significant decreases in memory, physical performance and energy.

“Are you wondering why you don’t quite have the stamina you once had?”  There is a simple explanation for this-“Andropause” or “Male Menopause”.

Andropause or “Male Menopause” occurs when a man’s production of hormones decline below the normal level. A man’s testosterone level typically begins to fall by the time he reaches 50 years old, but for many men it may occur sooner.

For Andropausal men, a male hormonal consultation is the first step to start restoring your strength, vitality and quality of life. The confidential male hormone evaluation form can be printed out and sent back to Hazle Drugs by mail or fax.
After you information is reviewed, your personal private Consultation will be scheduled either in person or by phone.

If you have not had any hormone levels taken recently, a laboratory blood test or in home salvia test kit may be recommended. The option of using a Saliva test is becoming very popular. Saliva tests are non-invasive and are a simple way to check your hormone levels. The saliva measures the amount of “free or active” hormones present in your body. Saliva tests kits are available at Hazle Drugs and our Male Health Specialist can help determine which hormones if any, you should have tested. After a saliva sample is taken, the test kit is sent away to be processed and the results are sent to Hazle Drugs.

During your scheduled consultation our Male Health Specialist will review your hormone evaluation form, along with your hormone levels.

Our trained Male Health Specialist can work together with your health care provider to compare the benefits and risks of all possible therapies and choose the ideal replacement plan for your proper hormone balance. Complementary and alternative medical options will also be evaluated. Such options may include lifestyle changes, diet, non-prescription remedies, exercise, herbal supplements, vitamins, and/or homeopathic remedies.

For more information and to schedule an
Andropause “Male Menopause” Consultation

Please call Hazle Drugs 570-454-2476 or 1-800-439-2026
A consultation can be done over the phone or in person.

The cost of a detailed Male Health Consultation including follow up care is $95.00


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