Evan Spear

Evan Spear


Evan is a hardworking & determined third-generation pharmacist of the Spear Family. Evan graduated in May 2023 from Duquesne University School of Pharmacy located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Growing up, the idea of medicine always intrigued Evan, especially being exposed to it at such a young age. As time went on in high school & pharmacy school, Evan became extremely interested in Pharmacy and the idea of clinical interventions that he could make for patients in need.

Throughout pharmacy school, Evan was extremely active in multiple organizations including: The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA), American Pharmacists Association (APhA), Allegheny County Pharmacists Association (ACPA), Alpha Delta Fraternity and more.

Evan takes a strong interest in clinical pharmacy, community pharmacy, and medication reconciliation. Evan works with our patients to maximize their medication regimens to make sure they are receiving the best possible care. Evan takes pride in working and collaborating with other health professionals to have a positive impact on patient safety and health.

In pharmacy school, Evan was also certified to become a Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS). Evan works with patients who want to quit smoking and help them create healthy sustaining habits to have long-term quitting goals be achieved. Evan, through APhA, is also certified to administer injectables to patients that are in need of immunizations.

While in pharmacy school, Evan completed many Clinical rotations at hospitals such as UPMC Passavant, UPMC Presbyterian, UPMC Shadyside, Squirrel Hill Health Center & more. On these clinical rotations, Evan worked with multiple different patient populations and physicians to create and alter medication regimens for patients to have the best possible outcomes and also counseled patients on their medications, such as what to expect while going through treatment.

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