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Male Andropause Consultations FAQs

Andropause refers to a decline in male hormone production, particularly testosterone, which usually begins around the age of 50 but may occur earlier for some men.

The first step is to undergo a confidential male hormone evaluation, which can be initiated by completing a hormone evaluation form and sending it back to Hazle Compounding via mail or fax.

Hormone levels can be assessed through laboratory blood tests or in-home saliva test kits, which measure the “free or active” hormones present in the body. Saliva test kits are available at Hazle Compounding.

During the consultation, Male Health Specialists review the hormone evaluation form along with the patient’s hormone levels to understand individual requirements better.

They work together to assess the benefits and risks of potential therapies, including customized hormone formulas, lifestyle changes, diet adjustments, and complementary medical options.

Yes, depending on individual needs, Hazle Compounding’s pharmacists can customize hormone formulas to restore proper hormone balance.

Lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, non-prescription remedies, exercise routines, herbal supplements, vitamins, and homeopathic remedies are considered.


Men can contact Hazle Compounding at 1-800-439-2026 or 570-454-2476 to schedule a consultation either in person or by phone after submitting their hormone evaluation form.

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