Onsite Immunization/Health Clinics in Hazleton, PA

Protect Your Workplace: Onsite Flu, COVID, and Immunization Clinics

  • 1 Convenient Onsite Flu and Immunization Clinics.
  • 2 Efficient Corporate Flu Shot Programs Available.
  • 3 Schedule Onsite Immunization Clinics for Your Organization.

Onsite Immunization/Health Clinics FAQs

We come to you!! Any day, any time! No workplace interruptions! Hosting an onsite clinic offers convenience, promotes employee health, and helps contain the spread of illness within your workplace.

Corporate industries, senior living communities, schools/universities, churches, and various social groups can all benefit from hosting these clinics.

Vaccines such as flu shots, COVID-19 vaccines, RSV, Pneumonia, Shingles, and other routine immunizations can be administered at these clinics based on your organization’s needs.

To schedule a clinic, simply contact Hazle Health at 570-454-2476, and we’ll arrange an onsite visit at your location.

Yes, onsite clinics can be a cost-effective solution by reducing absenteeism, promoting productivity, and enhancing overall employee well-being.

Flu shots can help preserve employee health, minimize disruptions due to illness, and create a healthier work environment for everyone.

Absolutely! We work closely with organizations to tailor clinic offerings to meet specific requirements and preferences.


It’s recommended to host clinics annually, ideally before the start of flu season, to ensure maximum protection for employees.

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