Refill, New, or Transfer Prescriptions in Hazleton, PA

Streamlined Prescription Services: Hassle-Free Refills, Transfers, and Special Orders

  • 1 Easy refills.
  • 2 Seamless transfers.
  • 3 Special orders accommodated.

Refill, New, or Transfer Prescriptions FAQs

You can refill your prescription 24/7 by calling our toll-free numbers Hazle Drugs: 1-800-439-2026  or (570) 454-2476, Hazle Compounding: 1-800-213-0592 or (570) 454-2958, or by using our online refill form.

You can drop off your new prescription at Hazle Drugs, Hazle Compounding, or have your healthcare provider call in. We also accept electronic prescriptions for added convenience.

Simply bring your current prescription bottles and insurance card to our pharmacy, and we’ll handle the transfer process for you. Alternatively, provide us with your medication details and your previous pharmacy’s information.

If you can’t find a specific medication or product, we specialize in special orders and hard-to-find prescriptions. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

Yes, our automated refill system allows you to refill your prescription 24/7, providing convenience and flexibility.

We’ll notify you as soon as your prescription is ready for pickup via your preferred contact method, whether it’s phone, email, or text message.

Yes, we accept most major insurance plans. Our team can help you navigate your insurance coverage and assist with any billing questions you may have.

Yes, we offer prescription delivery services for added convenience. Contact us to arrange delivery options tailored to your needs.

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Serving since 1868, Hazle Drugs & Compounding specializes in customized medications. As a leader in compounding with a state-of-the-art facility and expert staff, we offer personalized healthcare solutions across a broad spectrum of services to enhance health and well-being.


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