Medication Synchronization "Monthly Pill Fill" in Hazleton, PA

Enhancing Medication Management: Hazle Drugs' Monthly Pill Fill Program

  • 1 Optimize medication management with Monthly Pill Fill at Hazle Drugs.
  • 2 Enhance adherence, simplify refills, and improve patient outcomes effortlessly.
  • 3 Enjoy personalized, hassle-free prescription management with Monthly Pill Fill.

Medication Synchronization "Monthly Pill Fill" FAQs

The Monthly Pill Fill program is a coordinated refill service offered by Hazle Drugs. It ensures that all your medications are refilled on the same day each month.

This program helps patients stay adherent to their medication regimen by ensuring timely refills. It also simplifies the refill process, requiring only one phone call or visit to the pharmacy per month.

Yes, the Monthly Pill Fill program is personalized to each patient’s needs. Pharmacists review medications, discuss recent healthcare events, and address any questions during appointments.

No, the Monthly Pill Fill program is a complimentary service provided by Hazle Drugs.

To enroll, simply contact the clinical pharmacists at Hazle Drugs by phone at 570-454-2476 or 800-439-2026.

Yes, the refill date is set to the same day each month, making it easy to remember and plan for prescription pickups.

Pharmacists at Hazle Drugs are available to address any questions or concerns you may have about your medications during your Monthly Pill Fill appointment.


The Monthly Pill Fill program is beneficial for anyone who takes multiple medications and wants to streamline the refill process while improving medication adherence.

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