Glucosamine and MSM (RF)




Glucosamine and MSM is a Hazle Health formula that provides key nutraceuticals to help facilitate cartilage synthesis and stability, and to support a healthy inflammatory response and provide overall structural support to the joint tissue. Glucosamine sulfate is a well-absorbed source of glucosamine, an important precursor for the synthesis and maintenance of connective tissues. MSM helps maintain normal immune response, lung function, connective tissue metabolism, and muscle contraction. MSM is very well absorbed by the intestinal tract and rapidly distributed. This formula is excellent for individuals who wish to support the structure and function of the body’s connective tissues, such as cartilage, bone, tendons, ligaments and skin.

This product contains NO sugar, salt, dairy, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. This product is vegetarian, vegan and shellfish free.